Tuesday 25 April 2023

Junior Hybrid Friendly

 Four teams took part in a Hybrid Friendly organised today by the Hobson Bay Chess Club. The teams consisted of 6 junior players representing Invercargill (NZ), ACTJCL (ACT), Kingsley Chess Club (WA), and Hobson Bay Chess Club (VIC).

Each team played a central venue, and were supervised by an onsite arbiter. Hosted on the Tornelo website, the event was a teams round robin, played with a time limit of 30m+15s. After the 3 rounds were completed, the ACTJCL team finished in 1st place, winning all their matches (4-2,4-2, and 5-1). Invercargill finished 2nd with 2 match wins, Kingsley CC third with one win, and HBCC finished 4th. 

All matches were hard fought, and often the final margin of victory was dependant on the last few moves in the last game to finish. There were certainly a few games where players escaped from certain death, either through a clever swindle, or a simple show of generosity from their opponent.

Sun was the competitiveness of the event, only 2 players (out of 24) scored 3/3. They were Hansula Babaranda and Owen MacMullin. MacMullin was part of the winning ACTJCL team, and set the team on the road t first place with this nice round one win.

MacMullin,Owen - Pyvis,Ben (872) [C65]
ANZAC Day Inter Club Juniors Hybrid Frie Melbourne VIC, Australia (1.12), 25.04.2023

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