Friday, 4 February 2022

The first night

 Eastlakes Gungahlin Chess Club is starting its first long time control event this Tuesday. The Ramakrishna Memorial will be a 7 round event, played with a time limit of 60m+30s Alongside this event will be informal 30 minute games, which will be suitable for new players who wish to learn the basics of tournament chess play (using clocks, recording moves etc). The full details for the club can be found at  (Scroll down for the Calendar)

The first night at any chess club can be daunting for new players. I can remember getting towelled up early on the Woden Chess Club (in 1982), before starting to put a few wins on the board. Curiously, despite losing more games that won in the first couple of years, I did win the very first long time control game I played at a chess club (at least according to my scorebook from the time).

Press,Shaun - Runciman,Alan [B01]
Woden CC, 28.02.1983

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