Friday 25 February 2022

2022 Chess Olympiad in serious doubt

 As a consequence of the Russian invasion of The Ukraine, FIDE are looking at whether it is appropriate to hold any major chess events in Russia in the foreseeable future. A brief statement was released by FIDE on this matter, indicating that they plan to consult with the relevant commissions and federations.

Already there has been a number of comments by leading players (and other chess identities) asking that the Moscow Olympiad either not take place, or be moved (which is less likely). A few have gone as far as to ask for the resignation of FIDE President Arkady Dvorkovich, based on his connections with the Russian government. 

At this stage Federations have not been asked for their opinions. However I am aware of at least a few officials (including myself), who would find it impossible to attend the Olympiad under the present circumstances. Of course if Russia remains under sanctions, it may be impossible for a substantial number of teams to attend anyway, as travel to and from Russia may be blocked.

*** Update ***

Soon after this post was made, FIDE have decided that the 2022 Olympiad will not take place in Moscow. Where it will be instead is to be determined


Garvin said...


44th Chess Olympiad and FIDE Congress will not take place in Russia

Eugene said...


Under the circumstances, Russia has to be excluded from all international affairs - chess is just a part of them. And yes, the current FIDE President must be required to resign - it is a very small part the world chess community can and should do. Enough is enough!

Unknown said...


Off course this war in Ukraine is terrible and people will get killed.
But isnt it hypocritical to complain about Russian Chess , when US chess players were not blamed for the illegal invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan by there government.
Supported by Australia and UK

Unknown said...

Would it be churlish to point out that it's correct to say "Ukraine", not "the Ukraine"? AO