Thursday 24 February 2022

Slow start, strong finish

 Modern Opening Chess Theory (MOCT) was a publication that covered various events in the 1960's and 70'. I picked up a copy of issue No. 104, which covered the 1969 Palma de Mallorca tournament, and was written by Bob Wade. The tournament was probably the strongest event in 1969 ( it included Spassky, Petrosian, and Korchnoi), but was won by Bent Larsen. What was remarkable about this was that he started with 2 losses and was only on 2/5, after losing a 3rd game. He then scored 10/12 to finish outright 1st on 12/17. Petrosian finished 2nd on 11.5, although the 14 move final round draw showed he was content with 2nd, rather than fighting for 1st

Here is the 1st game for Larsen in the event, where he was beaten by the enigmatic Henrique Mecking

Larsen,Bent - Mecking,Henrique [A08]
Palma de Mallorca Palma de Mallorca (1), 1969

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