Tuesday, 7 January 2020

2020 Australian Chess Championship - Day 6

Just when it looked like GM Temur Kuybokarov was running away with the 2020 Australian Chess Championship, FM Chris Wallis decided to change the narrative. After an unusual Ruy Lopez, Wallis took advantage of his centralised pieces to gain a clear advantage through a temporary piece offer. When the position had clarified Wallis had a pair of passed pawns, and Kuybokarov's king was looking very unsafe. Taking no chances Wallis slowly improved his position until Kuybokarov resigned on move 48.
The win leaves Wallis sharing second place with IM Brodie McClymont, who beat IM Junta Ikeda today. As McClymont and Wallis have both played Kuybokarov already, they will instead face each other after tomorrows rest day. FM Jack Puccini had a very nice win over FM Kevin O'Chee to move into a share of 4th, alongside IM's Brandon Clarke and Igor Bjelobrk. Further down Willis Lo scored his second win in succession, while Sterling Bayaca and Cameron McGowan played out a hard fought draw.
Tomorrow is a rest day for the main tournaments, but the 2020 Australian Blitz Championship will be running from 2pm. Entries will be accepted up until 1pm if you are in Sydney and looking for an afternoon of chess.

Wallis, Christopher - Kuybokarov, Temur
2020 Australian Championship , 2020.01.07

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