Wednesday, 8 January 2020

2020 Australian Blitz Championship

The 2020 Australian Blitz Championship attracted a very large field with 117 players entered, although only 111 actually turned out to play. The large entry almost caught the organisers unaware, although we were able to create extra space, and extra boards at the last minute.
Blitz demon and 2018 event winner IM Brandon Clarke was the top seed, but it was FM Jack Puccini who dominated the event. Puccini scored a perfect 11/11 to finish two points ahead of Clarke and FM Gene Nakauchi. There was a big tie for 4th on 8 points, with Arthur Huynh and Ross Lam sharing the Under 2000 prize and Jack Keating the Under 1750(!) prize on this score.
Puccini's win was cemented in rounds 6 to 8 where he beat the IM trio of Gary Lane, Clarke and Brodie McClymont. After beating Nakauchi in round 9, there was little chance anyone could catch him, and he went into the final round 2 points ahead.
Overall the event ran smoothly, if a little slow. With the large field (and a 3m+2s time limit), the arbiting team of myself, Charles Zworestine and Andrew Hardegan were kept busy for most of the rounds, although serious disputes were minimal. The main issue on the day was making sure players could find their tables, and in some instances, play the correct opponents!
Full results of the tournament can be found here. With this event out of the way, the 2020 Austalian Championship resumes tomorrow, with round 7 starting at 2 pm.

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