Monday 6 January 2020

2020 Australian Championship - Day 5

Even though the 2020 Australian Championship has yet the reach the halfway point, the almost certain winner has become clear. GM Temur Kuybokarov defeated another close rival, dispatching IM Brandon Clarke in 26 moves. Kuybokarov is now a full point and a half ahead of FM Chris Wallis Wallis, IM Junta Ikeda and IM Brodie McClymont. Kuybokarov has already played Ikeda and McClymont, and will meet Wallis in tomorrows round.
Round 5 saw a number of exciting games, no more so than the Solomon v Ikeda clash on board 3. Solomon reached a winning position by move 30, but in mutual time trouble failed to find the correct continuation, allowing Ikeda to collect the point. IM's Igor Bjelobrk and Brodie McClymont drew on board 2, while FM Chris Wallis continued his unbeaten run with a win over FM Gene Nakauchi. 
Willis Lo scored his first win of the tournament by beating Cameron McGowan, while Arthur Huynh played a nice attack against Sterling Bayaca for his second win of the tournament.

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