Monday, 11 July 2016

The very big match

It has taken over 18 months, but the Russia v Australia/New Zealand match has come to an end. The mammoth correspondence chess match was played over 120 boards, with 2 games per board. The final score was a pretty big victory to Russia, 190.5-48.5 (with 1 game annulled).
You can see the crosstable at  and play through the games. The list of Aus/NZ players contains a mixture of strong CC players plus some well known OTB players. My own contribution was sadly two decisive losses, but Ryan Lane, Daniel Friere, Barry Mulligan, Marc Vliestra, Stephen Ferris, Ben McGinnes, Peter Maylott and Kevin Brown  did win their individual matches.
The event was organised by Brian Jones on behalf of the CCLA, and is one of the many International friendlies that the CCLA takes part in. Not all matches are this large of course, but if you are interested in taking part, new ones start reasonably frequently. Just visit for further information.

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