Wednesday, 27 July 2016

The British

The 103rd British Championship is underway, with a couple of rounds already completed. The field is pretty strong at the top (Adams, Howell, Jones) but then falls away after that, with less than a quarter of the 86 player field rated over 2300.
One player in the above 2300 group is Australian player Justin Tan. Since the tournament reverted from being open to any Commonwealth players to being a UK& Ireland affair, there haven't been many players from the colonies, but Tan benefits from having dual Australian/UK citizenship. Given his recent excellent form, I expect him to do well in the event, and hopefully he can pick up another GM norm.
The event homepage is here, and his has links to live coverage and results. The rounds start at 11:30 (Canberra time), and you can catch the commentary at

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, L Trent is a commentator, my least favourite. :( Why didn't he play in the event?