Saturday, 25 June 2016

You can only take one of them

The 2016 Gold Coast Open is being held this weekend, with the first round already run and done. By the time you read this it may be too late to book flights and accommodation, but you can still follow the event online. The top four boards from the top section are being shown here, and with three rounds tomorrow, you are pretty much guaranteed 12 straight hours of chess.
One of the featured games tonight saw IM Brodie McClymont destroy Henry Slater-Jones Najdorf Sicilian. As with many games in this opening, Whites lead in development lead to a number of sacrifices. In fact McClymont had a couple of pieces en-pris at times, reminding me of the old adage "you can only capture one of them". Once Blacks's centre collapsed, McClymont brought up the heavy pieces, and that was all she wrote.

McClymont,Brodie - Slater-Jones,Henry [B86]
Gold Coast Open, 24.06.2016

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