Saturday, 18 June 2016

Losing count?

A strange game between Hikaru Nakamura and Magnus Carlsen in the current Grand Chess Tour event being held in Belgium. Nakamura was having a terrible day ( 3 losses) but was then gifted a piece by Carlsen due to what seems to be a simple miscalculation. 11. ... Nxd5?? is just a blunder, and if Black wants the pawn on d5 11. ... Bxc3 has to be played first. White is still a little better (pressure against g7) but not a piece better.

Nakamura,Hikaru (2787) - Carlsen,Magnus (2855) [D38]
GCT Rapid YourNextMove Leuven BEL (5.3), 17.06.2016


Anonymous said...

blitz chess really is lo quality

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