Sunday, 12 June 2016

If h is for hack, then g is for go!

A few players have taken the tactical bye in round 3 (rather than round 5), but for the rest the action in the 2016 NSW Open started early. Not as early as it should have, mind you, as the club was late in opening, but AM starts for rounds are always tough.
One player who seemed to have little difficulties with the early start was IM Igor Bjelobrk who had a nice win over FM Kevin O'Chee. He got his g pawn running early, although the kingside hack that normally occurs with it did not eventuate. Instead he just got a better position in the centre enabling a nice tactical finish. Bjelobrk is now on 3/3, although he is likely to be joined by others once the round is complete.

Bjelobrk,Igor (2389) - O'Chee,Kevin (2085) [A30]
2016 NSW Open (3.3), 12.06.2016

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