Friday, 29 April 2016

Olympiad Selections

Picking a team to represent PNG at recent chess Olympiads has been a relatively simple task. Just contact the players who went the Olympiad before and ask if they wish to go again. Since 2000 this has been the usual process, and while it hasn't generated a gold medal winning team, it has managed to at least get 4 players to each event.
For a country like Australia the process is slightly more involved. Players apply, selectors are appointed, data is provided, and a selection is made. This process has just been completed, and the Open team has just been revealed (although I am not sure officially announced).
Before I go on, I should point out that I was a selector this year for the Open team, and so was part of the process. The team is (in ranking order)

  • GM David Smerdon
  • GM Zong Yuan Zhao
  • IM Moulthun Ly
  • IM Anton Smirnov
  • GM Max Illingworth
The remaining players (in ranking order) were IM James Morris, IM Justin Tan, IM Bobby Cheng, IM Gary Lane, IM Junta Ikeda, FM Karl Zelesco

The team is almost the same as the 2014 team, with GM Zong Yuan Zhao replacing IM Junta Ikeda. The board order is also a little different, but overall it is a stronger team than 2014, with 3 GM's on board.
The Women's team has also been picked, although at this stage I am not aware of what the selections are. (And before you ask, the selected team doesn't exactly match my choices, but it is pretty close)

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Go team NSW/QLD! :)