Thursday, 7 April 2016

Congratulations to GM Max Illingworth

Congratulations to Max Illingworth who has now been officially awarded his Grandmaster title. Having fulfilled the requirements for the title late last year, Illingworth's title was confirmed at the most recent FIDE Presidential Board meeting. This makes Illingworth Australia's fifth Grandmaster (not counting Walter Browne or CC GM's), after Ian Rogers, Daryl Johansen, David Smerdon and Zong Yuan Zhao.
Interestingly there were also two New Zealand players listed for the IM title, Luke Li and Aleksei Kulashko. However the final list of approvals their names seem to be missing (and their player cards remain unchanged) so I'm not sure what has happened there.


whatteaux said...

FIDE lists Luke Li as "Conditional on rating" on That may be why he's not listed in the "official" list o' new IMs.

Shaun Press said...

Yes, that is what I have been subsequently told. For Kulasko there was an issue of the status of the NZ Championships (where he earned all 3 of his norms), and whether the last one counted as an 'international event' or not.

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