Monday, 11 April 2016

2016 Bangkok Open attracts record field

The Bangkok Open goes from strength to strength, attracting a record field of 320 players. Top seed this year is Franciso Vallejo Pons, with defending champion Nigel Short second seed. The first round had very few upsets (not a suprise given the size of the field), although GM Abhijit Kunte was lucky to escape with a draw against his lower rated opponent.
On interesting pairing was the board 2 match up between GM Nigel Short and WFM Helen Milligan. The official tournament press release did make mention of Short's brain being 'hard-wired differently', although the fact that Helen Milligan holds a PhD in Astro-Physics makes me wonder what effect the hard wiring has. Nonetheless Short proved to be the better player in this game, building up the pressure in the middle game, and then patiently converting his advantage in the endgame.

Short,Nigel - Milligan,Helen [C90]
2016 Bangkok Open (1), 10.04.2016


Anonymous said...

47 g4 is a blunder, played a bit carelessly due to the imminent closing of the bar at 7pm (he said). If only he had continued to be careless and missed the stalemate trap, I would be famous today. Sigh. ...Rf8 loses quickly; I could have lost much more slowly with ...Kg5 at that point.

Anonymous said...

Short is misogynist

David Lovejoy said...

'Short is misogynist'
That illiterate comment is obviously from a different Anonymous than 'heligan'. But I'm curious: was that your impression after playing him, Helen?

Anonymous said...

I've known him since he was a kid! And I'd have to say, he certainly doesn't hate women...
- heligan