Sunday, 17 April 2016

Ganguly wins 2016 Bangkok Open

Indian GM Surya Ganguly has won the 2016 Bangkok Open on tie-break, after finishing with 7.5/9 along with GM Francisco Vallejo Pons. Both won their final round games, with Ganguly beating Loek Van Wely, and Vallejo Pons beating Nigel Short.
Young Australian IM Anton Smirnov made it to Board 4 in the final round, but despite trying an interesting opening novelty against GM Jan Gustafsson, ended up on the wrong side of the ledger. Of other Australian players in the field, FM Tim Reilly and Patrick Gong both finished on 5, while FM Brian Jones was among the group who finished on 4.5

Gustafsson,Jan (2629) - Smirnov,Anton (2479) [D47]
16th BCC Open (9.4), 17.04.2016

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