Friday, 1 August 2014

3rd IM Norm for Anton Smirnov

Showing very promising form going into the Olympiad is young FM Anton Smirnov. Playing in the Politiken Cup (along with most of the Australian team), Smirnov finished with an impressive 7.5/10, and scored his third IM norm. In the last round he was paired with the current Danish champion GM Allan Rasmussen, and despite the pressure of needing a win, scored a nice tactical victory to leave him with a 10 game norm and a PR of 2462. Looking at the results it paradoxicly did not seem to be an easy norm, as Smirnov seemed either be playing strong GM's (including the tournament winner Bu Xiangzhi) or untitled 2100 players. Somtimes it can be difficult to shift gears when playing such a field, but Smirnov seemed to do it well (1.5/4 against the GM;s, 6/6 against the rest)
GM David Smerdon and IM Moulthun Ly also finished on 7.5/10, performing at about their current ratings. FM Junta Ikeda finished on 7 points, but played above his rating, with an IM norm performance, which of course is not needed at this stage, as he has already earned the title.

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