Tuesday 19 August 2014

2014 Olympiad - Accuracy

Harking back to a post I made a month or two ago concerning best moves versus accurate moves, I had a quick look at who might have been to most 'accurate' player at the Olympiad.  The simplest way to measure this was to see which players made moves which 'damaged' their position least, at least according to various computer engines.
Having had a look at the numbers it is no surprise that a number of very strong GM's headed the list. The top 10 all came in below .035 pawns per move, which means you would have to wait 29 moves before they dropped a pawns worth of evaluation. At the other end of the table there were players who did damage at a far quicker rate, with 6 moves being around the average wait for moves that dropped a pawns worth of position.
The player who came top of the list for accuracy was Vietnamese GM Ngoc Truong Nguyen. Playing board 2 he scored 8.5/10 and won the Gold Medal for best performance on board 2. In the following game he defeats GM Emilio Cordova in an almost flawless game.


Ngoc Truongson Nguyen (2634) - Emilio Cordova (2629) [E32]
Chess Olympiad Tromso NOR (9.15), 11.08.2014

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