Sunday, 31 August 2014

2014 Sinquefield Cup - Caruana cruises

Fabiano Caruana has continued his perfect start to the 2014 Sinquefield Cup with a 4th round win over Lev Aronian. It was a thoroughly 'modern' game, with Caruana firstly looking for play on the queenside, before breaking through on the kingside. A nice piece sacrifice on move 29 was just one of the many good moves he found the defeat Aronian.
Meanwhile the other two games ended in draws, with Carlsen recovery some equilibrium after yesterdays loss, while Nakamrua handled his second black in a row by drawing with Vachier-Lagrave.
Even though they have yet to reach the halfway point, Caruana already looks like a lock for first place. Not only will a win here cement his place as Carlsen's biggest threat, it also sets up another possible opportunity. If FIDE do carry out their threat to strip Carlsen of his title if he does not sign a contract for a match against Anand, then a Carlsen v Caruana match might become the headline act. Not for the World Championship of course, but certainly for the title of the Worlds best player.

Caruana,Fabiano (2801) - Aronian,Levon (2805) [C84]
2nd Sinquefield Cup 2014 Saint Louis USA (4.1), 30.08.2014

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