Friday, 18 July 2014

The ideal set for Canberra

A novel twist on speed chess, and one that does not involve using a clock. Chess pieces made out of ice, via a set of moulds shown here. I guess you lose when all your pieces melt, although I'm pretty sure the use of the oxy-torch in the picture is probably illegal (although the laws of chess do not have anything that *specifically* prohibits setting fire to the board). Such a set might actually survive multiple games in Canberra at the moment, given the morning temperatures.
But combine it with Drinking Chess and you might be onto a winner eg Frozen alcoholic pieces which are consumed after each capture. However the board might have to be bowl shaped to capture all the melted bits at the end.

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Anonymous said...

Totally old news. Kiddies at Curtin Primary had been winning these in lucky draws for years. One child received the black mold, and one the white one as they didn't seem to to require both colours ;) I have bought them via The postage is a bit on the high side but I used to buy a few alongside a wider order and dole them out over several events. Also good for chocolate chess. I gifted a set to a coach once, and I believe his students enjoy a pawn or rook floating in their cordial on hot afternoons. Libby