Wednesday, 9 July 2014

A new Australian Chess Magazine

With the closing of Australasian Chess there has once again been a gap in the local chess magazine market.
But like previous gaps, this one has been pretty short, as there is a new chess magazine on the scene.
"50 Moves" is an electronic magazine produce by a group of young Australian chess players. The first issue is being launched on the 1st of August and is covering the lead up to the 2014 Olympiad. After that there will be an issue every two months and it promises to cover all the major Australian events as well as providing a smorgasbord of other chess related content.
The magazine also has its own website, where you can subscribe, as well as seeing a preview of what the magazine will look like.
On of the contributors is FM (and soon to be IM) Junta Ikeda, who is handling Studies and Problems. One of the problems featured in the first issue is the one shown in the diagram. It is White to play and win, and like any good study, what is both the winning move, and the winning line is immediately obvious.

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Anonymous said...

1.d8=N+ Kf6 2.Ra6+ Kg5 3.Nf7+ Kh4 then what? Looks like a draw as Black has h1=Q+ then e1=Q+ with perpetual, or am I missing something?