Thursday, 24 July 2014

A nice game - Tiger v Ikeda

Got caught up with FIDE Anti-Cheating work last night, meaning I missed a blog post. But I awoke this morning to see the following battle from the current Politiken Cup. The guy with one of the coolest names in chess Tiger Hilarp-Persson up against one of the coolest guys in Australian chess, Junta Ikeda.
The game looked to contain trademark play from both sides, with Tiger sacrificing a piece for lots of pawns and play, while Ikeda kept finding tricky moves in the materially unbalanced ending. Eventually Ikeda found a nice way to draw, sacrificing his last piece for a Bishop and wrong coloured rook pawn ending.

Hillarp-Persson,Tiger - Ikeda,Junta [E39]
Politiken Cup, 23.07.2014

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