Saturday, 5 July 2014

Le Tour 2014

Late night TV* return to my house, with the start of the Tour de France. In fact the start of this years event was even more interesting as it began in the French city of Leeds (in Yorkshire). Having spent a few weeks in that part of the world last year, there were plenty of familiar landmarks as the cyclists sped bye. In fact one of the first villages they went through was Pool-in-Wharfdale, home of my PNG teammate, Rupert Jones. After that Otley was the next destination, home of one of the best Milkshake shops I've ever been too.
However like last year, the middle part of the race will be a little confusing for me. I have a very brief trip to Italy for work with the FIDE/ACP Anti-Cheating Committee, so the fact that the race will be on during the day will be a little disconcerting. Of course it is unlikely I will see much of the race anyway, as there is more than enough committee work to fill in the time.
If you are reading this sometime tomorrow, I would suggest you try and catch the highlights of today's stage, as it really does show off Yorkshire, especially the wide open spaces that you miss when visiting urban Britain.

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