Thursday, 15 November 2012

Miniature of the Month - October 2012

This months Miniature comes from the European Club Championship, and may be important for players who like the Scotch Gambit/Two Knights opening system for White. Black plays the Max Lange Attack (5. ... Bc5) but after 10.Bg5 goes wrong with 10. ... Qd5 (10. ... Be7 is the move). White is winning after 11.Nc3, although in previously played games White has missed the followup 12.Ne4 on occasion. I suspect Black was genuinely surprised when his queen was trapped. (This game comes courtesy of Chess Today)

Gayson,Peter (2207) - Beukema,Stefan (2271) [C56]
28th European Club Cup Eilat ISR (4), 14.10.2012

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Anonymous said...

Well if ...Qg6 he loses a knight.