Saturday 17 November 2012

2012 Vikings Weekender - Round 3

The top three seeds continue to set the pace in the 2012 Vikings Weekender. IM Moulthun Ly and IM Vladimir Smirnov are on 3/3, while IM George Xie leads a group of players on 2.5. Local players Wenlin Yin and Ian Rout went down to Ly and Smirnov, while Xie cracked Harry Press on board 3. Board 4 saw an upset win by Kishore Sreetheran over Anton Smirnov, while Michael Wei and Donato Mallari had wins to move them to 2.5
Ryan Keeble is the outright leader of the Minor on 3/3, followed by Lachlan Smart and Bazli Karratyattil on 2.5. The lower boards of this tournament saw a clash between Karl Galli and Chong Wang, where Wang managed to play an 'accidental' brilliancy. Getting his queen trapped, Wang decided to lay for the attack and was rewarded when he mated Galli's king in the centre of the board. However post game analysis showed that rather than getting his queen trapped, it was instead a brilliant sacrifice, and he had been winning all along!

Galli,Karl - Wang,Chong [B22]
2012 Vikings Weekender Minor (3), 17.11.2012

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