Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose

I've been on a bit of a winning streak recently, but as with all good things, it has come to an end. In tonight's Belconnen Rapidplay, I came unstuck against Steven Sengstock, after some misremembered opening theory left me in a slightly worse position. Then to compound this, I decided that as unsound sacrifices had been paying off recently I would try another one. This was a step too far, and despite having very little time on the clock, Steven managed to avoid my cheapo's and bring home the point.
As for the opening, it was a Gruenfeld that followed a lot of Karpov v Kasparov from their World Championship matches, although I managed to put my queen on the wrong square after move 15 The only benefit was that my opponent was convinced I had it all under control, and after the game he said that he was waiting for me to lower the boom, and wondered "how it would look on the blog"!

Sengstock,Steven - Press,Shaun [D87]
Belconnen Rapid, 10.07.2012


Anonymous said...

Ponomariov against the Marshall Attack: Sometimes you win, sometimes you draw.

Steve S. said...

Yey. I did make the blog! Is that some kind of self-fulfilling prophecy!? Thanks for the game Sean - I was very lucky. My mate Fritz tells me that 15 Ng3 was not best and that after 16 Bf2 cxd4 I'm struggling even more so than in the game to stay on equal terms. Back to the books for me.