Monday, 23 July 2012

Digging through the archives

While putting together a new magazine article I came across a game I had completely forgotten I had witnessed. Normally I write my articles using Chessbase (Light) so I can check the opening theory that may be relevant to the game. The game in question was an Evans Gambit from this years European Championship, where Black had accepted the gambit, and then dropped the bishop back onto e7. So while looking through the list of previous games I saw a reference to Situru v Kagan from 1995.
It turns out that this game was was played in the 1995 ASK Masters, which was an IM round robin held as part of the ANU Chess Festival. IM Nathaniel Situru was a strong Indonesian player, while Naum Kagan was at the time one of Victoria's leading players. If you play through the game you will quickly see that Kagan has no difficulty in dealing with the Evan's, and in fact achieves an overwhelming position. However in the lead up the the first time control (move 40) it begins to turn around, and a clear win turns into a lost position.
The game had another unfortunate consequence, with Kagan withdrawing from the tournament after this round. As the tournament started with 11 players it didn't screw up the event too badly, but it did make norm chances for some of the players harder than it should have been.

Situru,Nathanael (2415) - Kagan,Naum (2395) [C51]
Canberra Canberra (5), 1995

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Anonymous said...

A forgotten but great tournament in the history of ACT Chess.