Saturday, 28 July 2012

2012 ANU Open - Round 3

The first real upsets of the 2012 ANU Open occurred in the third round, with a couple of higher rated players coming unstuck. On board 4 Anton Smirnov defeated FM Junta Ikeda, while Harry Press beat WIM Emma Guo. On the top board Dennis Ovcina put up a hard fight against GM Zong-Yuan Zhao but eventually lost on time while defending a tough rook and pawn ending. IM Andrew Brown felt he had an advantage against IM George Xie but having lost it, his position went rapidly down hill. In the under 1600 tournament Simon Ong and Mark Patterson are the only players on a perfect score. However there is a lunch bunch of players on 2.5, including young Jo Mason. The tournament also saw a bit of celebrity excitement with a flying visit from Lev Aronian, who is having a bits of holiday in Canberra.

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