Wednesday, 9 May 2012

World Championship starts tomorrow (or the day after)

The Anand - Gelfand match begins tomorrow, with the opening ceremony. While this is the official opening, the match doesn't really start until the first pawn (or knight) is pushed. This happens on the 11th of May, with the the first game beginning at 3pm Moscow time. For viewers in Australia this is a relatively gentle start time as it translates to 9pm Canberra time. The match will be played using the 2 days play, 1 day rest schedule, with game 12 scheduled for the 28th of May. As for who will win, I will go with the conventional opinion and pick Anand. I'm also willing to predict the match will not last the distance with Anand winning 6.5-3.5 (ie it will be all over by game 10).

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