Saturday, 19 May 2012

Cold enough for you?

I've posted in the past about the risk of playing chess outdoors in Canberra. OK in summer, evil in winter, while autumn and spring can be a bit of a trap. And so it turned out today with Street Chess numbers down by 50% from last week. I suspect it wasn't so much the temperature during the day, as much as the run of below zero overnight minimums that made getting out of bed an unattractive proposition.
But spare a thought for the players in the ACT Women's and Girls Championship. While the tournament venue is a nice one, and appreciated by the organisers, it does not get heated on weekends. So various methods of keeping warm are utilised. The school gymnasium was littered with heaters, and if they did not reach the boards, then at least one enterprising pairing moved themselves to where the heaters were. The other approach was to dress warmly, and then add some layers on to that. The picture above demonstrates this method!

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Alana said...

Just saw the results for the Women's and Girls tournament - must be a record for the amount of adults playing!!!