Sunday, 13 May 2012

Even more castling with check

While looking through the Chess Today collection of games from April I came across yet another 'castling with check'  game. As with most games of this type, White was already on the rampage when castling took place, and Black only played 1 more move before resigning. I had though of making this the minature of the month for April btw, but then noticed it was played on the last day of March.
In other news, it is a rest day in the World Championship Match, and the draw I predicted part way through last nights game occurred soon after I drifted off to sleep. Based on the first two games I am tempted to modify my prediction concerning the result (but not the winner) down to Anand winning with +2 rather than +3. A few more draws and I may be forced to squeeze the margin even further.

Opl,Klaus (2287) - Bodrogi,Mihaly (2057) [B21]
28th Budapest Spring Festival Budapest HUN (6.17), 31.03.2012


Anonymous said...

Hey Shaun, in Article 9.5 in laws of chess,the Arbiter decided on one of my recent games this way: Once a player claims a draw, the claim stands for the entire game, meaning he can not win the game anymore after he makes the claim:Is the Arbiter right here?

Shaun Press said...

To be polite (but to not answer your question) - I only reply to posts that have a name attached to them. Part of the 'you can troll, but I will not feed you' system that makes this blog relatively conflict free.