Friday, 2 March 2012

Things to do in the rain

While this blog is 'mainly' about chess, it isn't 'all' about chess. So I'd thought I bring you some video that was taken at the Australian National University (ANU), where I work. Running through the ANU is Sullivan's Creek, which most of the time is so meagre that you can jump across it. However it is fed by the stormwater drain system of North Canberra, so given enough rain, it can actually resemble a real creek. This quite a rare occurrence, so when it happens, some students feel the need to take advantage of the situation.In the attached video a surprisingly large number of students pulled out the rubber dinghy's and headed down the drop near the School of Law. Now I'm not condoning their actions, and I'm sure they themselves recognised the dangers, but I'm sure most people have seen Sullivan's Creek in flood and said to themselves "Wouldn't it be fun to try ..."
(Note: As a follow up to this activity an email was sent by the University's Vice-Chancellor today telling people to not do stupid things like this)

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Anonymous said...

Quite funny to watch.

Henrik Mortensen