Monday, 26 March 2012

Daylight Savings Pain

We are coming to the end of Daylight Savings in Australia, and this can't come soon enough. Waking in darkness may be something that Europeans are used to, but I prefer the sun shining through my window when the alarm goes off. Of course this also means that Daylight Savings is just starting in Europe, although this has already caused some problems. A number of players (7 I believe) forfeited their games in the European Championships in Bulgaria, after turning up late for the round on Sunday. I pretty sure that there would have been plenty of announcements the round before, but clearly these went unheard. Blame is also being sheeted home to the organisers for using the 0 minute forfeit rule, but even if they had changed the default time to anything other than 1 hour (as they are perfectly entitled to do), the players may have lost anyway.

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