Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Tal Memorial

The 2011 Tal Memorial has just started in Moscow. This 10 player round robin has an average rating of 2776, a category 22(!) event, under the old scale. To put that into perspective, the score for a GM norm is 2.5/9 while 1.5/9 will earn you an IM norm.
With a field of this calibre, every round is going to have some fantastic match-ups, but Aronian v Carlsen in Round 1 (a world championship match I'd like to see), and Gelfand v Anand in round 9 (a world championship we will see) look particularly interesting.
The tournament website has both live coverage, as well as live video and commentary. At this stage I've only been able to find the Russian version (is there any other?), but this hasn't cause me any difficulties.

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