Tuesday, 15 November 2011

And along came Jones

I'm going to highlight a second Gawain Jones win in as many days, although it is not as fast as yesterdays game. The reason for the this one isn't because Gawain is a nice guy (which he is), or that he plays for White Rose in the 4NCL (managed by my friend Rupert Jones), but because this win ended an undefeated run by Bogdan Lalic which was rumoured to have lasted more than 150 games! Funnily I'd read in the latest issue of British Chess Magazine that in maintaining such a streak, Lalic was burdened with 'protecting' it, which meant he focussing on not losing, rather than winning. Clearly this was an important stat for Lalic as he did not take the loss well at all (Facebook was where the subsequent tantrum was played out!).

Jones,Gawain CB (2635) - Lalic,Bogdan (2454)
4NCL De Vere, Staverton Park, ENG (215.1), 13.11.2011

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Paul said...

Winning streaks are made to be broken...