Monday, 28 November 2011

Another shot at three player chess

Three player chess. Inventive minds have worked for hundreds of year to make it work, but I'm not really sure what problem they're trying to solve. Anyway, there is another attempt at coming up with a workable solution, and if anything, it has a certain artistic appeal. It uses a circular board, a moat to separate the pieces, and lines to mark out the trajectories of the diagonal moving pieces. Of course the old 2v1 problem is likely to rear its head (any player in the lead is likely to be hacked down by a coalition of the other two), and I wonder how this is dealt with (if at all).
I'll add it to my list of 'things that only look like chess' but it still may make a nice Xmas present, if only to leave on the lounge room table.


Anonymous said...

Some friends and I used to play four-player on a regular board. Everyone would get a corner with K, R, B, N and four pawns. It actually worked pretty well.

Anonymous said...

Hey Shaun, I will be running a 4-team round robin for kids at school (my first team tourney),time control is G/60m, these kids obviously has no national/local rating. I have several points that needs your help for clarification: 1. minimum games for board honors? (4 teams) 2. since no player ratings possible ties at board performance (how to break it?) 3. Will article 10.2 applies here like you've mentioned in your previous post?. 4. What about illegal moves penalty?...Thank you very much sir for your time