Monday, 16 August 2010

World University Chess Championship

The 11th World University Chess Championship begins shortly in Zurich, Switzerland. It runs from the 5th - 11th of September and has already attracted a strong field, with 9 GM's and 9 WGM's already entered.
Reading through the press release from the organisers, it appears to be (a) and individual competition and (b) not a championship of Universities, but a championship of University students. This is a little bit of a shame as a University teams championship (which have been held before) would be more interesting. In fact when the Olympiad dates were first announced they were much closer to the end of this event, and GM David Smerdon was interested in getting an Australian National University team together (including a GM, WIM and a CM). However the dates of the Olympiad shifted and the logistics eventually became too difficult.
If you are interested in following this event, you can visit the tournament website.

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