Monday, 2 August 2010

2010 World Junior Chess Championship

There was time when the World Junior Chess Championship was 'the' international event for Australian juniors. These days it seems to have lost its lustre,in part because the World Age Championships (for Under 18's down) attracts both greater attention, and greater Australian participation.
This years World Junior is being held in Poland, and Australia has 3 representatives. In fact all 3 are from Canberra, which either says something about the strength of junior chess in the nations capital, or the strength of the local economy. WFM Emma Guo and Tamzin Oliver are playing in the Girls Championship, while Sherab Guo-Yuthok is playing in the Junior Championship.
The event begins today and standings etc can be found at the official website.


Anonymous said...

Aussie parents prefer the World Youth Championships because the locations are attractive, there are more spots available for selection and the kids have a chance of scoring well.

The World Junior Championships are always very strong (heaps of GMs and WGMs) and attract the older juniors who are usually much more serious about their chess!

Alana said...