Sunday, 22 August 2010

Doing too good a job

Today GM David Smerdon gave a 3 hour coaching session for improving adult and junior players in Canberra. It was a very successful event, and concluded with David playing a 24 board simul against the participants.
One of the topics he covered was "How to draw with a higher rated opponent". He showed a game he played against Vasilly Ivanchuk in a Dutch league match a couple of years ago, where he held Chucky to a draw. In giving todays players tips on how to achieve this, he may have done too good a job, as he found the subsequent simul a real challenge. As today was about training he did give his opponents a head start by allowing them to choose an opening they wanted to practise (within reason of course). After approximately 2 and a half hours play the students acquitted themselves quite well, with 3 players getting draws (as per the lesson) and 4 players going even better by beating David!
So while the overall result may not have been as good as he hoped, there is no denying that as a teacher he did a brilliant job.

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