Sunday, 29 August 2010

Chess Nuts

'Chess Nuts' is an interesting book I read the other day.By Julia Lawrinson, it is 'young peoples fiction' (ie 10 to 14 years I guess) and is about a school chess team and the members of that team. As with books aimed at this age group the themes aren't that complex, and deal with the issues of fitting in, competition and acceptance. From a chessplayers point of view I was pleased that most of the chess references were correct (ie real opening names, real players quoted) and had a pretty accurate description of the actual competition activities (although the villains were painted a little too thickly).
It is a recent publication (2010) and I picked it up a school book fair. I'm assuming that it will probably turn up at similar book fairs at plenty of schools in Australia, and if you see it, it would make an pretty good gift for the junior chess player in your family.

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