Friday, 4 September 2009


Vladislav Tkachiev has got himself into trouble once more, this time for being too drunk to continue a game. This incident occurred at the Kolkata Open and is already making the rounds of the world's media. One story is here, and you can get more stories by searching google news.
This isn't the first time Tkachiev has got into trouble at a chess tournament, as he was a no show for the final round of the chess olympiad last year, an incident I briefly mentioned in this post. It should be noted in that case it wasn't simply a case of Tkachiev falling foul of the 0 minutes default time, but something more involved.
His reason for not turning up was told to me as a fantastic second hand story. And it is a story I have repeated in conversation a number of times since. But it won't appear on this blog, simply because it is a second hand story. I could always couch it in terms of 'it was rumoured that ...' or 'sources said ...' but I'd rather report first hand (or from ironclad sources).
There is no requirement to blog something, 'just because we know about it', as freedom to speak is also freedom not to speak. Of course there may be a responsibility to speak up, but I hope that choice is still left to the individual.


Anonymous said...

c'mon shaun. just tell us :)

Anonymous said...

I agree Shaun.

Having the right to do something, shouldn't just mean that we always do it.


MachoM said...

I'm looking forward to hear it...