Wednesday, 16 September 2009


The satirical chess magazine Kingpin is always a good read, if I could ever find out when the next issue is appearing. According to those in the know, the magazine usually appeared "when the editor felt like it". Fortunately Kingpin now has a web presence
If you have ever read Kingpin it is worth visiting the website to catch up with old articles. If you have never read it before you may instead be confused, as the articles (drawn from back issues) are not dated, and seeing an article titled "Has Karpov lost his marbles" by Tony Miles came as a bit of a shock (if only because Miles passed away in 2001).
I'm not sure how complete a record of the magazine the website intends to be (and clicking on the archive link throws up a 404 error) but as a sampler of what is a very clever magazine, it is well worth a visit.


MachoM said...

That's the most FUNNY Chessmagazine of all!

Paul said...

It's a real hoot of a magazine ! :-)