Friday, 3 July 2009

New Rules in Force

The updated FIDE Laws of Chess that were agreed upon at the Dresden Olympiad came into force on the 1st July 2009. On Chessvibes the Chairman of the Rules and Tournament Regulation Committee Geurt Gijssen discusses what the changes mean.
Unfortunately, at the time of this post, FIDE haven't updated their own website, so the rules from 1 July 2005 are the ones still shown. If you are interested in my take on the process involved changing the rules, you can read my report of the RTRC meeting here.
Reading the chessvibes article I was nonetheless surprised with the claim that the rules for Chess960 were included in the appendices. I have no way of confirming this (given the FIDE website showing the old rules) but I am certain that the RTRC did not add the rules for Chess960 to the FIDE Laws of Chess, and indeed explicitly decided to hold it over for a future discussion. So I have no idea how the rules have made it into the final version (if indeed they are there at all).
The final thing to note, that as the new rules have come into effect, the whole process of deciding on the rules in 2012 has now started. So if you think that there are some silly rules that need changing (and I can think of a few), you can begin to make you suggestions to the FIDE RTRC.


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Like the decision regarding the wording of the zero default time rule, the decision whether to include the Chess960 rules was left to the FIDE Presidential Board.

A copy of the 1st July 2009 Laws can be found on Chesschat at

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especially the third link which lists the changes

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