Friday, 31 July 2009

From country to club

(* NB This was supposed to be yesterdays post but due to the lack of cricket last night I went to bed early and forgot to write it! *)

At the recent Oceania Zone meeting a list of development goals for emerging chess federations was tabled. I've included the list below. However while looking through the list it occurred to me that this doesn't have to be just for federations but could also be applicable down to the club level.
For some clubs a number of the items have probably already been ticked off, but for smaller (but still serious) clubs, this is something that could function as a set of goals. Interestingly the club I play at (ANU Chess Club) already hits 6 of the 11 targets.
(Note. I have trimmed the original list to remove what can only be achieved by a federation. In the end it was only 1 item).

    1. At least 5 FIDE rated players
    2. Club Championship to be FIDE rated
    3. One active FIDE Arbiter or International Arbiter
    4. One local FIDE Trainer
    5. A chess-in-schools programme
    6. Junior squad development programme
    7. Participate in Asian Youth Championship
    8. Participate in World Chess Olympiad
    9. Produce one titled player by 2010
    10. Participate in the Oceania Zonal Championship
    11. Establish an internet website

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thanks for posting this info shaun - very interesting!