Tuesday 20 May 2008

I bet Kasparov didn't expect this!

A collection of opposition groups to the Russian Government held its first meeting of an alternative "National Assembly" on Saturday. One of the leading figures in the "Other Russia" group is former World Champion Gary Kasparov. The meeting didn't get of to an auspicious start as it was delayed an hour due to late arrival of Kasparov himself, leading me to wonder if the Russian Government can now claim a forfeit.
But the most outrageous stunt at the meeting came from a pro-government protest group. As reported in the Moscow Times "A couple of pro-Kremlin Young Russia activists added to the commotion at the event by launching plastic phallus on propellers, which were knocked out of the air by security guards."
There is video of this device on the net already, but as this is a family blog, I'll leave it to you to track it down.

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