Tuesday 27 May 2008

Nifty Neighbourhood Tool

While looking at one of the blogs I read daily I cam across a nifty site called Walkscore. Based on information from Google Maps, it calculates a "walkability" score for an address or location. This score is based upon walking distance to such services as grocery stores, cinemas, bars etc Simply type in your address and see how good your location is for walking to amenities.
If you live in Canberra (like me), you will quickly see that we are not a walking city (at least in the suburbs). My current home has a walkscore of 11 (out of 100), but at least that is an improvement on where I lived as a kid, which has a score of 6. Even where I work (which is pretty close to the centre of town) only manages a score of 56. Of course when looking at these scores be aware of the GIGO principle (ie Garbage in, Garbage out). The result is only as good as the data used to calculate it.
Although to add some perspective, the area where teams will be staying for the 2008 Chess Olympiad has a score of 54, while Bled, Slovenia scored 0 (although this is clearly due to incomplete information)

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