Monday 15 May 2023

Trigger Finger

 It seems I have come down with a case of Trigger Finger. This is a condition caused by an inflamed tendon in the finger, or in my case, the right thumb. It causes the joint to lock up, so bending or straightening  my thumb is quite painful.

While I am not sure how it happened, it may in fact be an Arbiter related injury! The constant setting of chess clocks for recent junior events may have had something to with it, especially interschool tournaments where a lot of time penalties were enforced. As for treatment, resting the joint is one recommendation. So with a couple of big chess events coming up (the ACT Championship and the NSW Open), I am calling on all players to try and avoid any illegal moves during the game.

1 comment:

Mark said...

Sorry to hear that Shaun. That's annoying. Sounds like you need to hire a "stunt finger" you can summon to do the clock adjustments for you ;)