Monday 1 May 2023

More thoughts

 While the 2023 World Championship was very exciting, I was not happy with how it was ultimately decided. I've long been opposed to what is a titled awarded awarded to the best 'long time control' player being determined by who is better at a completely different format. Lost in the excitement of Ding finding 46. ... Rg6 was the issue that Nepo would probably not have played 48.h4?? if the game was played until the normal time control. To me 46. ... Rg6 was a time scramble bluff, designed to induce 48. .. h4, a blunder even I saw coming while watching the match. 

FIDE for a long time has wanted shorter and shorter World Championship Matches, in part to encourage more bids from host cities/countries. But the major expense isn't venue/accommodation so having more days to complete the match should not be an issue. The move to 14 games (up from 12) was nice to see, but 16 games is better. And for the tie-breakers (if needed), starting with 60m+30 is better than diving straight into Rapid.

But well done to Ding for winning the match and becoming World Champion. I can bask in the very dim light of reflected glory, having played him in the 2019 World Cup, losing 2-0 in the first round.

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