Monday 22 May 2023

Rule changes in other sports

 As a boy I used to keep up with the rules in lots of sports. Football, Cricket, Rugby  League, Australian Rules and even Baseball and American Football. This is one of the reasons I became a chess arbiter, as I found the actual rules of various sports interesting to learn (well except Rugby Union, which still confuses me).

So when I watched a recent episode of Ted Lasso, there was a football scene that immediately made me go "What?". At the kick off of the match, the ball was passed back to the new signing Zava, who immediately blasted it into the goal from behind the halfway line. My reaction was based on the belief that the ball had to be kicked forward at the kick off, which clearly did not happen. It turns out I was right, but only up until 2016. The rule was changed then so the ball could be kicked in any direction, forward or back. So my memory of having two players at the half way line was accurate (one taps it forward, then the second players passes it back), but is now out of date.

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