Friday 6 January 2023

2023 Australian Open - Day 4

 Antother double round day saw the 2023 Australian Open reach the halfway mark. The big result of the day was the win by IM James Morris over tournament top seed GM Jingyao Tin. Tin was better for a lot of the game, but blundered on move 35, losing material, and then the game. The win moves Morris into a tie for 1st with GM Temur Kuybokarov, who had drawn with Tin in Round 5.

GM Darryl Johansen and WIM Hong Anh Nguyen are tied for 3rd, on 5/6. Johansen won an interesting game against longtime opponent FM Bill Jordan, while Nguyen was not able to find a win in the ending against the always resourceful CM Hui Li. 

Today's round 7 sees a clash between Kuybokarov and Morris, with Tin v Johansen on Board 2.

Jayden Arav has taken the outright lead in the Minor event on 5.5, half a point ahead of Benny Chan and Oscar Ho. As Arav and Chan have already played, Arav is facing Ho on the top board today.

Morris,James (2456) - Tin,Jingyao (2598) [B10]
2023 Australian Open (6.1), 05.01.2023

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